Signs Of A Failing Motorcycle Battery

A vehicle’s battery can easily be the most neglected and inconspicuous part of your vehicle. Once a motorcycle battery shows signs of failure, you should look for a solution as soon as possible. Batteries aren’t designed to last forever, so you have to know when to get a motorcycle battery replacement. Below are the different signs that tell you your battery should be replaced immediately.

Battery engages but doesn’t start the motor

There are times when you’ll turn the ignition switch and hear the battery activate but will not hear the motor crank over. You also need to understand that some battery issues can sometimes be mechanical in nature. In this case, the problem may be due to the gears connected to the flywheel. Either the gear has stripped or become dislodged against the flywheel. In either case, the engine won’t turn over and will require a motorcycle battery replacement.

Smell or smoke when starting the motor

There will be times when your motorcycle battery will overheat because of continued usage and long road trip activities. If this occurs, you’ll most likely see or smell smoke coming from underneath the engine. This problem may be caused by a short circuit, blown a fuse, or a problem with the battery itself. In this case, it’s time for you to consider getting the best motorcycle battery replacement for your vehicle.

Sporadic starting issues

Loose or dirty wiring within the battery system can cause the motorcycle to start irregularly, and it can be hard to repair. This issue could also be due to a faulty or failing electrical component. Even if starting problems only happen occasionally, you should get your battery inspected or even replaced it with the best motorcycle battery to avoid being stuck in an unfamiliar area.

A safety warning

For those who’ve never dealt with a motorcycle battery before, it’s important to know that it is never alright to let anything conductive connect the positive (red) terminal of your battery to any other metal part of your motorbike. Doing so will certainly fry a battery with even a modicum of voltage left in it, and possibly fry you as well. If you have trepidations about testing your battery on your own, consult a professional.

Look out for faulty signs

Even before you decide to dive for your jumper cables, understand that a couple of electrical and mechanical problems can easily mimic the signs as a dead battery. Many modern motorcycles use a small push-button switch under the engine to keep a rider from blasting off into the sunrise with an extended kickstand. If your kickstand is up, and the bike won’t fire, this switch may be faulty.

Low charge

Some of the obvious signs of a battery with a low charge is that the horn may sound weak, the headlights may be less bright than usual, and some things may work while others don’t. If the battery is completely dead, the motorbike is going nowhere.

Foul smell

If you notice that there is a strange smell emanating from under the rider’s seat, suspect a battery problem. This is usually the smell of acid or burning from a battery. At this rate, you may need to replace it as soon as you can.

Bad stator

A small motorcycle battery can be die sooner than expected if your bike’s stator has not been recharging it as it should. In this case, jumping the battery won’t last long because the charge will drain again quickly. The stator needs to be replaced.

It is more than four years old

After getting a new small motorcycle battery, one of the few things you need to take note of is the date of its installation. For this, you may check for the date stamp on the battery. Good preventative maintenance is simply to change a battery when it gets close to the end of its serviceable life.

Even if what you have is a high-grade battery, there are several factors that can affect its quality and performance in the long run. And once you notice any of the signs of a failing motorcycle battery as listed above, then consider looking for a battery dealer that can offer you motorcycle battery units that match your vehicle’s specifications and requirements. That said, you also shouldn’t forget to do your part and to ensure that your battery is properly maintained and is being restored in good condition once in a while. For these reasons, it’s important to keep an eye on your battery condition so you can act right away once your battery starts to show signs of failure.

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